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Early testing on a GG Power Board Pro

About Me |  

Hey everyone - I'm a long time gamer turned electrical engineer.  My passions compliment each other well and have brought me into a field I love.  Everything here is designed and produced in the USA, produced with retro gaming love.  I strive to create affordable, quality products that will make gamers happy and give new life to our favorite hobby.

fresh outta the oven 2.jpg

​SSFD PCBs fresh outta the oven, just like mom used to make :D

Why Choose SSFD? |

Unlike many PCB designers, everything here is produced on the highest quality boards from OSHPark with top-level components from manufacturers like Nichicon, Panasonic, and Nexperia.  I don't cut corners and I purchase and produce as many products as I can locally, here in the U.S.A. So you can be assured that what you receive is made with quality as well as old school gaming love!

Professional Info |

I've spent over 18 years working in the electronics field.  Qualification highlights:

  • Expert at SMD rework with in-house workshop and prototype reflow tools

  • Qualified Research and Development

  • Teaching experience & lecture history

  • Proficient in CAD software

  • Clean routing and design for micro and multi-layered PCBs

  • Troubleshooting & debugging skillset

  • Versatile in Analog and Digital design

  • BOM / parts sourcing & cost reduction

  • Repair and Failure Mode stress testing

  • Reverse Engineering & Diagnostics



With over 15 years of online support and modding services,

I have left a slew of happy customers in the wake of soldering iron goodness.  See some of my Feedback below:

SMS Power Forums

Game Trading Zone

Neo Geo Forums

Shmups Forums

Sega-16 Forums

Please note, that some of these forums require you to make a free account before seeing marketplace feedback

Some highlights:

fair labor1.png

A Gaming Fanatic You Can Trust |

"Just got mine and got it reinstalled. Works like a dream! Highly recommend to anyone that doesnt have it done."

-Geneticwheel, Planet Virtual Boy forums

"Picked up a few of these Segasonicfan kits. VERY high quality and much easier than cable repair."

-uberpolka, Virtual Boy Reddit

"Segasonicfan repaired mine for me too. Fantastic design and works like a charm."

-DocHolidayArcade, Virtual Boy Reddit

"I really want to give a big shoutout to segasonicfan! He is incredibly knowledgeable about electronics and the GG, provides amazing mod work at more than fair prices, gives in depth progress updates, and just great to work with. I can't recommend him enough if you're looking for repair or upgrades for your GG"

-unmaker, SMSPower forums

"A BIG +1 for segasonicfan
Healed my blind (no video) Sega CDX system. Put up with my uncertainties and made my dreams come true.
...A true god among gamers; he denies this.
Then a Saint among Sega fans.  Thanks again!"

-NightRnR, Neo Geo forums

"I just wanted to let you know I received the boards and I've had time to do some play testing. (1 hour with Air Zonk and 1 hour with Blazing Lazers) They both worked flawlessly with the 8bitdo M30. You have a great product here. They are well made and look nice. I will get many more hours on my PC Engine now, just because of convenience...I hope you continue making cool products that really benefit the retro gaming community."

-Shane C. (Septer Sever), Racketboy forums

"I got your adapter today. As expected it works perfectly fine with my Krikzz Joyzz and the 8bitdo M30 wireless pads. PC-Engine gaming was never better. Many thanks again for this nice piece of hardware. :)"

-Ralf S. (Germany)

Why "Segasonicfan?" |

It may seem like an odd name but it suited me well when I signed up for a video game discussion group in 2002.  It has stuck with me since then and people know me by it (I was even "recognized" in person once, lol!  After all these years posting repairs and tutorials under the name, it makes sense to keep it.  After all, I'm still a fan too :)

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