Specifications / Features:

  • Includes 6ft extension cord

  • Fuse protection

  • 3mm LED-glow acrylic case

  • Button II adjustable Auto-Fire

  • SELECT mapped to START button

  • RUN mapped to A button

  • 0% lag.  Real-time accuracy

  • Uses the same IC as a OEM PC Engine controller!  No microcontrollers (it's the real thing!)

Plugs into any Uni-Gen!

...introducing the

Uni-Gen > PC ENGINE!

The new way to play PCE with a Genesis / MD controller!

  • Includes 6ft extension cord

  • Fuse protection

  • 3mm LED-glow acrylic case

Part of this complete balanced breakfast!


$14.99 when you order the necessary

Uni-Gen Converter!

Please read the FAQ and

Contact Me to order

Also compatible with

Turbo Grafx-16 when you purchase this cable.


Uni-Gen Compatibility Chart

Spreadsheet for different consoles.png

*some consoles will need an extension cord (about $3.00) to connect a Uni-Gen. 

I recommend something like this one.

** For playing on a ZX Spectrum, you can use a converter like this one or one of these.

Warranty Info:
This product comes with a 7-day return policy.  If you are not satisfied with the board for any reason, ship it back and a replacement will be shipped to you or a full refund will be provided.  In the event that there are no more of the item(s) in stock, a back order can be made.


Please keep in mind there is no warranty after seven days and any repairs or replacements will be made at regular hourly cost.


Please note: so far all non-working PCBs have turned out to be due to customer error using faulty game controllers or systems.  Please make sure your gaming controllers and systems are 100% functional before reporting problems.  This will save me a lot of time answering emails, thanks :)



Liability Notice:

This is an add-on device not originally designed for your vintage video game system.  As such, it is always possible, however unlikely, that some harm might come to your vintage gaming system by using this device.  Given the nature of failing capacitors and aging electronics, I cannot predict all behavior and results.  Every board is thoroughly tested prior to shipment and all boards include fuse protection.  However, please use this product at your own risk.