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Unfortunately Nintendo didn't have longevity in mind when they made the original Virtual Boy.  The LED eye PCBs are attached with a flimsy ribbon cable glued onto place.  In the past 25 years, that glue has weakened and resulted in thousands of existing unit failures


Unlike existing solutions that melt or patch the 25-year-old lackluster cable, the VIRTUAL RIBBON is a 100% replacement adapter board that solders into place and is VERY sturdy. 

It's an upgrade designed to outlive the weak humans that dare to explore the realm of the VIRTUAL BOY.

Pre-orders now available! 


  • 2x PCB Sets (unassembled)

  • 2x NEW Ribbon Cables

  • 2x Connectors







Price: $43.99

Contact Me to order

Shipping not included

Must see install notes below



These boards require expert  soldering skills* Must be good with 0.5mm pitch installs

(TSSOP size)


Example of v3.2 install

Recommended / required tools:

*Or I can add the VIRTUAL RIBBON x2 to your unit if you send me your Virtual Boy LED PCBs.

Click here for how to remove the LED PCBs.

Contact Me if you want to send in your PCBs for installation

--Warranty Info--

Please note: I cannot control the install of these boards when done without me.  The PCB kits are sold "as is" with no refunds, returns, or warranty of any kind.

Failed installs could permanently damage your Virtual Boy console.  Attempt install at your own risk.

PCBs installed by Segasonicfan Designs come fully tested

with a 14-day warranty.

--Shipping Info--

Each item is shipped with tracking info however, tracking info is not always provided once it leaves the country.

There is no warranty for missing, lost, or stolen packages.

It is the buyers responsibility to check with the postal carrier and file a claim for missing item(s). 

See here for shipping status between USA and your country.

Prices subject to change without notice; this is a trial  run and part and install cost is likely to change down the road.

of the


It has been a long and trecherous journey saving the free world from VIRTUAL BOY destruction!


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