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Frequently asked


Q:  I want a Uni-Gen so I can play PC-Engine games with my Sega Genesis / MD controller.  What do I need?


A:  You would need to order both a Uni-Gen main PCB and a Uni-Gen to PCE adapter

(includes free extension cable).


Q:   Does the Uni-Gen + Uni-Gen PCE support 6-button PCE controller configurations?


A:   Sorry, not at this time.  Only 2/3-button PC Engine controller configuration is available (with Select and Run).  To use 6-button Genesis controllers you can hold down the MODE button on power-up.


Q:  How does the Uni-Gen auto-fire work?  Is it for more than one button?


A:  Currently the Uni-Gen only supports auto-fire for one button. 

Functionality is explained in the manual which is uploaded here.


Q:  Will the Uni-Gen work with 8bitDo M30 wireless controllers?


A:  It has been confirmed by customers but is untested by me.  The Uni-Gen outputs the exact stock protocol of a Sega Genesis, so it should work with anything that supports 3-button Genesis stock controllers (as long as they don't mess up their code).  The Uni-Gen doesn't use code, it's pure hardware (yeah!)  See here for how to set the 8bitDo M30 to 3-button configuration.

Also note: It is highly recommended to use the Krikzz Joyzz instead of the 8bitDo.  It is a much better product with a reported 20% less lag than the 2.4g M30 and seven times less lag than the bluetooth M30(!)  Plus, it's developed by an awesome engineer that has done a lot for the retro community.














image courtesy of RetroRGB

Q:  Will the Krikzz Joyzz work with a Uni-Gen?


A:  Yes, according to customers. 

It is untested by me though.

Q:  Will the Uni-Gen work with the new

Retro-bit Sega Genesis controllers?

A: Yep!  Tested by me.  These controllers rock, too. :)  I have some in stock you can also pickup for $20 with any Uni-Gen order.


Q:  Will the Uni-Gen PCE work with NEC Multitap and / or the Terra Onion Super SD System 3?

A: Yep!  Tested by me and they work great (unlike the leading competitor which has code that bugs out on the Multitap).

Q:  How do I pay for / order a Uni-Gen?


A:  Please send me an email through my

Contact Form.  I currently accept cash, postal money order, and Paypal gift payments.

Q:  How much is the Uni-Gen?

A:  The main Uni-Gen PCB is $49.00 fully assembled with a crystal-clear acrylic case. 

The Uni-Gen PCE is $14.99 fully assembled with a a crystal-clear acrylic case and included extension cable. 

The Uni-Gen without case for Sega Game Gear installs is $44.00

and completely unassembled units (soldering required) are $25.00.

New breakout install PCBs for the Uni-Gen

(coming soon) for $5.00


Q:  How much is shipping?


A:  I will ship anywhere in the world with tracking.  Shipping within USA is usually $10.00 and Europe is $15.00.  These prices are very much subject to change as postal rates change often here in the USA.


Additional questions can also be answered by watching the videos I made here and here.

Thanks for your interest and for taking the time to read this FAQ! :)
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