Introducing the MULTI-USE DIY BOARD!

This is a very useful board for audio / video switching, region select mods, overclock select mods, and many others!





note: button color may vary depending on supplier.

How it works:

This board lets you easily swap analog and digital signals (2 input select, 1 output or visa-versa) with the push of a button.  You can also daisy chain these to switch even more things at once!  It works great for a soft power-up as well.  Finally, everything is nicely "debounced" meaning you get an accurate state change every time your finger hits the button.  Check out my video explaining the functions.


The board features a resettable fuse for short-circuit protection and is very robust.  Since this is not using microcontrollers, it is *very* hard to blow these chips up.  They are lightning fast CMOS logic and consume almost nothing in power (<10mah for the entire circuit, most of that is the LEDs!). 


The STANDARD version has ~100ohms between the common and the output of the switch.  This means you will get some signal drop across it for analog.  If using for video switching I recommend using an amplifier (such as TH7314) or buy the upgraded version.

The PRO version has only ~ 0.5ohms between the common and the output of the switch.  This means a negligible signal loss.  It also has a 4th extra switch!